spark prob

i got it to work , i cleaned the carb out like crazy with compressed air, boy there was a lot of stuff that soaking and spraying with carb fluid didnt get, so much that it blew in my face and blinded me, then after i put everything back together i drove around at first it did 15-20 then i shut if off for about 30 mins then i was able to do about 25 then i went on a trip for about 2 days, then i tried to start no luck so i messed with the carb screws, and started it and it did about 15, looked at the plug and noticed it was really fouled later to come i found out that my choke cable was messed up and the choke was on all that time, so i disabled the choke all together it still does 15 so i did a spark test and i noticed that the spark is really really poor so i increased the gap made a bigger spark but i still couldn’t get past 15 (all this was about 3 days my buddy recently dropped it off from his house where it sat for some good time, when it was over there the spark i got was huge bright and blue, then it sat for a few weeks, and then i got it at my house and i tried to start it no luck , i flooded it a lot, once i let it dry out then it started up fine , but any way my spark is deteriorating every time i let it sit, i used to be able to get big bright blue spark but now i will be luck if i can get a a tiny speck of yellow, what should my gap be at? and would it help if i got a new plug

Re: spark prob

Sounds like the contact points are out of adjustment or need cleaning.

Re: spark prob

Dave Campman /

there arent any

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