A few problems with my Tomos bullet

So I finally got my '87 Bullet started, but it doesn't idle and it dies immediately if I don't stay on the gas. Also, no matter how much gas I give it, it doesn't move forward. Any suggestions are helpful.



Re: A few problems with my Tomos bullet

David Sargent /

I have changed the transmission fluid, I put in 300cc of type FA as recommended by my local moped mechanic.

Re: A few problems with my Tomos bullet

hmm.. what _does_ happen when you give it gas? Does the rear wheel spin if it's on the center stand but not if it's on the ground?

How long have you had the bike? Did it ever run..

some history about that bike and a clear idea of all that is happening now would help to narrow down the possibilities.

Re: A few problems with my Tomos bullet

David Sargent /


I got the bike from a friend about a month ago, he had not had it running in over 2 years but said that it did run ok but he couldn't get it to shift into second.

So far I have replaced the wiring and cables; cleaned the carb, fuel tank and petcock; replaced the fuel line, inline filter and spark plug.

Yesterday I cleaned and (poorly)adjusted the points. After I adjusted the points I was able to get it started only if I held the throttle about half way open. Then if I give it gas it will accelerate, sometimes slowly then it will spike, other times I have to increase the throttle just to maintain idle speed.

_Also_, when it is on the center stand, if it is running or I crank the pedals forward, the rear wheel spins, but if it is on the ground there is no power running or pedaling.

Re: A few problems with my Tomos bullet

well.. both the shifting problem and the lack of power problems seem to point towards a clutch problem.. This might be due to the lube in the gearbox.. might be worn clutch plates..might just be a matter of adjusting a clutch cable.

Have you spent any effort towards examining the clutch(es)?

And, of course, you still have carburation issues to iron out.. maybe timing too.

But for now i would concentrate on things related to the driveline, meaning clutches, belts (if there is one) and brakes and such things. If that engine starts and runs just halfway decent, the bike should at least move you down the road..

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