Honda PA 50 Variator

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What is the story with the +5 mph you can get on the Pa 50.

How do you do it?

Honda PA 50 Variator

Re: Honda PA 50 Variator

there's more than one way to do it.

On a stock bike, the front variator pulley sides aren't allowed to close as far as they could.. and if they could close completely, that pulley will have a larger diameter. That is where the increased top speed will come from.. a larger pulley in front, a smaller rear. In effect this means taller gears. Your engine must be healthy in order to take advantage of this modification.

The common, well known way is to grind away some metal inside the moving plate of the variator. The weights/rollers in there are limited in their outward travel. Grind away some metal and the weights can move out further and will force the pulley to close further.

Personally, i didnt like this idea since it's not reversable and is difficult to do. The metal has to be carefully ground away and the rollers need a very smooth ramp on which to run or they will destroy themselves and/or the variator plate..

The other way (which i used) is to put the variator's main shaft on a lathe and turn off 0.1 inch of meat. When the variator is reassembled the lowest gear is now slightly higher but the highest gear is also slightly higher. I got about 3.5 MPH increase with this method. This mod can be reversed by installing a 0.1 inch wide washer on the shaft.

Here's a thread and a drawing illustrating what i did.

A search of the forums will turn up instructions for the more popular method.

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