difficulty running Garelli Supersport

Marco Parducci /

I just bought a 1978 Garelli Super Sport. The bike wasn't used the last two years. After a few days of trying to get it started, it finally turned over. It was running fine, then it wasn't. I cleaned the jet out, emptied the fuel tank and cleaned the screen in the fuel tank. I also had the throttle cable replaced. It was running fine, the it started to bog. It felt like it was vapor locking. After a mile of this it stopped and ran great. Then the problem started again. If I let off on the gas for a few yards, it wouldn't die and it would then pick up speed. Now I can't even get it started. Any suggestions?


Re: difficulty running Garelli Supersport

Jason Luther /

check the filter screens again. see if fuel is flowing from the tank, if it is check the fuel screen in your carb again. while you have your carb apart, clean everything.-jason

Re: difficulty running Garelli Supersport

ಠ_ಠ Jon Folks ಠ_ಠ /

Check to see if you getting proper airflow- airbox on and not leaks? Also, I had a garelli with a weak spark once that ran, but crappy. Maybe think about cleaning the points if you have time.


Re: difficulty running Garelli Supersport

it sounds like you are burning fuel faster than the carb is refilling... and so you experience symptoms of erratic fuel flow.

check the vent in the gas cap. A clogged vent causes slow fuel flow and may even create a vacuum in the tank, slowing it to a slight trickle.

If that tank is or was rusty, the cap isn't immune to rusting (unless it's all plastic) and is probably rusty inside.

Fuel should flow in a thick, continuous stream from the end of the tank's fuel line in both the ON and RESERVE petcock positions.

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