moped dies when I give it gas.

I bought a Vespa Bravo, and it's extremely difficult to start, I have to pedal like crazy, and it never starts on the first try. Once I pedal and get it started, it will die if I try to give it any gas to rev the motor. I have to start it three times at least to get it going.

On top of that, once I've finally started, if I give it gas through the middle range of the throttle it wants to die. Even when the engine warms up, there is a hesitation through the middle of the throttle range. I have to gun it completely or it's in danger of dying. What could be causing this?

Re: moped dies when I give it gas.

thats par for the course.. I'd be delighted that the thing starts and runs. If you were extremely lucky, the bike would run great right out of the scrapyard..

go do all the stuff in Fred's Guide .. a short search in this forum will suggest a long list of things to check. Start with a new sparkplug. Check fuel flow to the carb.. etc....etc..


Re: moped dies when I give it gas.

Travis Hill /

First things first. Put an airfilter on it and see if it gets better. I had a scooter do similar things to what you're describing because it didn't have an airfilter.

Re: moped dies when I give it gas.

Lee Suzuki /

I had one that would idle but die when I hit the throttle. If it backfires sometimes, your fuel mixture is too poor. Try blocking some of the airflow into the carb with a piece of tape. That solved my prob.

Re: moped dies when I give it gas.

I'd love to put an air filter in it, but I don't know where to get one for my model (Vespa Bravo). It doesn't have any kind of air filter cover or whatever it is that keeps the airfilter in place. Does the air filter come with a screw on cover?

In the meantime, my dad made me a makeshift air filter with some wire mesh and cheesecloth, (hello McGyver) but I can't drive around with that forever.

Please, I hope someone can help point me in the right direction to get the proper airfilter.

Re: moped dies when I give it gas. it works wonders and my suzuki fa50 had that problem i just kept messing with the mixture and the idle screw

that will do it

Re: moped dies when I give it gas.

Travis Hill /

Hey whatever works. I use a sock as an airfilter on one of mine. I know it's not right but it's better than nothing. That's whats so fun about this stuff. You get to use your imagination!

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