missing air filter assembly

I just bought a 1978 Vespa Grande, and it was only after I took it home and took the cover off that I discovered that there was no air filter or air filter cover. The air intake area is a shallow saucer shaped area but the outside of it looks threaded. I don't know if there's a whole complicated assemby that goes there or just a simple lid. Anyone? The previous owner said it didn't have an air filter when he got it.

I"m puzzled because the moped is in excellent condition otherwise w/300 miles. Why would someone take it out? Is this is an essential part of a moped?

Does anyone know where I can get whatever piece goes there? I looked in the online manual and there's no illustration or anything (just a picture of the carburetor).

That vespasupershop in CA is moving or something and doesn't take orders judging from the website. Where else can I get this part?


Re: missing air filter assembly

Please? Where can we get Vespa moped parts nowadays? I'm looking for this air filter.

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