help with a project bike in kzoo

Ramsey Beyer /

hi. im purchasing a 'project bike' of sorts. its a 1977 puch maxi and it needs a lot of work. this will be my first moped and im looking to learn how to fix it up and make it run, im up for a challenge but im hoping i could find someone to help me learn? i live near kalamazoo but i'll only be home for one week before i go off to college. i'll be around the week of august 17-23rd if anyone would think its fun to teach a girl about mopeds and help her fix one up.

the gas tank needs to be cleaned, and it needs a throttle assembly, a left brake, the cables put on, a new seat, and maybe a paint job. any anything else if it doesnt get running with all of that. i have a few friends who fix up old sports cars. i dont know how similar that is though.

im just afraid i wont be smart enough to fix up a bike with just a repair manual and common sense. i want to get it running as soon as i can. thanks to anyone if you can help!


Re: help with a project bike in kzoo

ಠ_ಠ Jon Folks ಠ_ಠ /

Trust me mopeds are quite easy to work on. I've fixed all of my bike with no previous experiance or manuals. Just use this forum for help if you need it. And use Fred's guide.


Re: help with a project bike in kzoo

Really,...if you USE your common sense, and your manual, shouldn't run into any major problems. I live about an hour away, in IN. If you have any questions, feel free to e-mail me, but you should be fine, and yes this forum can really help you alot.


Re: help with a project bike in kzoo

Ramsey Beyer /

yeah im not so much worried. i just need to add some parts and stuff, like the throttle assembly and left levers and ive never done anything mechanical. i'll have a good manual for help but im sure it just sounds more complicated than it is because its called a 'throttle assembly' and etc. thanks though.

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