Broken First Gear on 2002 Cosmo Stinger...

I recently ran into a 2002 Cosmo Stinger by a friend. He said that the moped worked until one day, after letting it sit for a while, the tranny locked up on him. When he opened it up, there were chips in the first gear. He has many performance upgrades on it, and up until the gear broke, it did about 45 mph. Please, I would really like to restore this moped to it's former glory. If anyone knows a web site, or a shop, located in northern NJ, please notify me as soon as possible. Or, however unlikely, if anyone has a spare or a used Cosmo first gear, I would gladly pay a small sum of money. Or, if it's possible, someone could repair for free or a small amount, that would be greatly appreciated. Thank you for taking time out of your day to read this. PLEASE HELP ME!!!

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