top speed prob

Ok I have a 95 targa lx and when I get about 1/2 mile down a road is when I should be at top speed but at soon as it hits 41 it will stall and then it will kick in again and stall again and it will do this for however long I'm riding and even when I rev it up on the kick stand it stalls like mad. WTF.

Re: top speed prob

is all the idle and mixture screws adjusted to perfect ... if they arent then it will stall just like mine did

Re: top speed prob


Re: top speed prob

Jason Baker /

yea iv adjusted it many of times

Re: top speed prob

Ben Van Zoest /

Fuel feed problem, most likely. Years ago in desperation

rigged a small fuel tank feeding directly to the carb it worked fine easily got up to speed. I found the main tank just dribbled fuel not enough for full throttle I guess. At least it gave me an indication.

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