broken piston ring

I have a targa lx and I broke a piston ring today and I was wondering how long I can run it with only one ring? (The piston needs replaced anyhow)

Re: broken piston ring

u can run it for awhile but u should replace it asap. ive been running my puch with only 1/2 of a ring for about a week

Re: broken piston ring

depends on how it broke..

if it broke while the engine was running, who knows what other damage was done.. may as well get in there and look.. Leaving a part of a ring on a piston is inviting disaster since the ring segment can migrate over to a port, get hung up and trash both the piston and cylinder.

If you broke it while working on the engine, you can run on one ring.. i have about 200 miles on one ring since my bottom ring snapped while installing the piston a few weeks ago. I'll put another ring on during the next major tune-up..

Racers often used only one ring to reduce friction, sacrificing some piston cooling in the bargain. So generally it's not recommended..

Re: broken piston ring

Jason Baker /

I broke while slidding the cylinder over the piston and I took the pieces off.

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