Lubricating the brake cable...

What should I use to lubricate the brake cables on my 1980 puch newport? Like, wd40, or graphite stuff, or 3 in 1 oil...?

Help! :)

thanks in advance...


Re: Lubricating the brake cable...

Ben Van Zoest /

non-organic oil is fine graphite is hard to deal with. WD40 loosened crud collects at the lowest point of the jacket!

Re: Lubricating the brake cable...

Randall F /

Non-organic oil? Do you mean, 3 in 1 oil?

Re: Lubricating the brake cable...

If the cable feels gritty when it moves in it's housing, Honda recommends WD40 or LPS25 .. hang the cable by one end and spray it and let it drain out..

Then you make a paper cone and tape that to one end of the cable and pour a couple ounces of SAE 10W/30 in the cone.. Then pull the cable back and forth inside it's sheath and let the oil travel through the sheath.. Thats about it.

If i can remove a cable i just use a general purpose, waterproof grease. Grease is just thick oil and seems to last a little longer.

There are these cable-lubricator devices that can be attached to the cable and they force grease through the cable housing but i never tried that.

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