carabela 2stroke?

David Deguire /

cananyone tell me if my 1979 carabela is a two stroke or a four stroke? if its a 2 what is the proper ratio for gas and oil mixture

Re: carabela 2stroke?

Jason Luther /

i use a synthetic 2 stroke oil (it is a 2-stroke) at a ratio of 50:1. 2.6 onces per gallon. like i said before it looks like its a morini or minerelli motor. it should say on the underside underneith any built up scum. post a picture and everyone can tell youfor sure what motor it is.-jason

Re: carabela 2stroke?

they may be knock off motors, and I have never really looked too much, but I do have a top end and it is cast with Carabela in it, so I think that they are their own motors.

Re: carabela 2stroke?

Jake Van Order /

the carabella engine is a rare minarelli engine. It is basically the same engine with carabella stamped on the fan cowling and on the intake manifold.

that should help.


Re: carabela 2stroke?

I was looking at the bottom side of the head, here is a pic, the word is raised, not stamped, so it had to be cast in.

I guess they shelled out the dough to have the motors look like the were Carabela, not Minarelli

Re: carabela 2stroke?

damn, I forgot the pic


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