hercules sachs moped problems

this girl just wont get up and go.

she keeps and feeling like she is getting bogged down or too much air is getting into the bike.

i know this because it runs a bit faster (like 25 mph) when you hold the clutch down or hold your finger over the hole in the air box.

any suggestions to help me? i want it to break at least 30 and i want it now to get bogged.

i have already :

put another carb on it the stock one was 10 mm the new is 12.

cleaned the gas tank well

let me know

Re: hercules sachs moped problems

Jason Luther /

did you get a new jet for the bigger carb? sounds like you need a larger jet.-jason

Re: hercules sachs moped problems

Jake Van Order /


does it have get up and go when you play with the choke (pulling it in and letting out rhymically)?

Or is it pretty consistent no matter what you do with the choke?

Also, what carb do you have? 85/12/101 or 85/12/104?


Re: hercules sachs moped problems

yeah the rythmic choke thing makes it run better

Re: hercules sachs moped problems

Jake Van Order /

which carb do you have and what's your jet size? also, what engine do you have? Your engine should be labeled 505/1X. X being the letter A, B, C, or D. If there is no letter, by default, it's an A engine.

I'm leaning towards your jet being too small. It happened to me during bbq x. I couldn't figure it out no matter what. What's even stranger is that it happened literally overnight.

Something similar also happened when I didn't wire my bike correctly but that's an off chance.

Let me know what you got and I'll help you out.


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