carabela help

David Deguire /

im looking for an old repair manuel for a 1979 carabela 50cc motomatic, i need to now how much oil goes in the crankcase

Re: carabela help

Jason Luther /

based on the the pictures in the photo section, it has a morini engine. fill it to the level of the fill hole. the big black plastic screw that has 'olio' next to it-jason

Re: carabela help

Only Carabelas I've seen have had single-speed Minarelli engines. They have a fill level plug on the side of the tranny cover, and you can fill them from the top of the right-side tranny, which has a red plastic plug. But only fill to the level-checking plug on the aluminum right side cover. Probably about 11 oz. of 20 or 30 weight non-detergent oil. don-ohio

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