moby belt replace

Steve Rothman /

the belt on my 77 mobylette needs replaced. looks like the clutch must come off to do this. i have the outside cover off but don't see how the rest of it comes off

Re: moby belt replace

Keith Hannah /

Just put a screwdriver between the belt and the pulley at the pedals. Rotate the pedals and coax the belt off.

Re: moby belt replace

i have a moby as well and my belt broke last year and i replaced it with a riding lawn mower belt I got at Tractor Supply. When you get the old one off, take it too a Tractor Supply or Sears and a sales person will get you one that is exactly the right size you need.

As far as getting it off, get a friend to help you push the motor back, as you may have noticed, there is spring and the engine moves back when at full throtle, and pull it out. Put the new one on the same way you took the old one off. I'll be honest, I had a hard time getting mine off and i new one on, but this is the way i did it.

Re: moby belt replace

Tractor belts aren't perfectly matched to the original, but they are close. i prefer a #9313 belt from any auto parts store.

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