Puch ZA-50 starter cable

Hey guys,

Just picked up a 2-speed engine and have been cleaning it up and such. I was looking at my repair manual and i realized I am missing a starter cable. I can find 1-speed starter cables easy enough for sale online but I have had little luck finding the 2-speed type. My Powerbook with my DSL connection has been down for a week and i have been using a computer that might be older than my 80' Puch and a good ole 56k commection. Very few web pages want to load thus my inability to fly around the web looking for one. Any help would be a god sent. On a side note: if any of you want to mail me your OS X CD I would shower you with thanks. I can't seem to find mine. Oh well I'll get that sorted out some time soon I hope.

Sorry to make you guys listen as I ramble on,


Re: Puch ZA-50 starter cable

chris, mopedwarehouse.com has cables.

Re: Puch ZA-50 starter cable

I went looking on mopedwarehouse and he did not have the cable. I know he has a lot of stock that is not on his web page. They are closed till the 4th, and I have tried to get a hold of Chris many a times by phone/email/forum yet it sometimes takes weeks to hear a reply. I buy lots of stuff from him but only when it is on is page.

- Chris

Re: Puch ZA-50 starter cable

i guess that they discontinued the cable and aren't gonna make more until thet get like 8000 requests.....im in the same predicament....

Re: Puch ZA-50 starter cable

Christopher Riddick /

I'm having trouble finding one too.

I ordered one from MopedsOnline.com a month ago and still haven't received it yet. Got an email this morning saying a new shipment of cables were in and it would ship today.

You might want to check them out. It's the only place I could find one!

Re: Puch ZA-50 starter cable

Found em,

Themopedjunkyard sort of has em. They reason they gave me that they are "discontinued" is...

"Our supplier of aftermarket cables-- the only one in the US- has stopped importing them due to lack of demand."

But he told me that they can make them for anyone that needs em for $19.95.

- Chris

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