VIP bogging -- bad gas/oil mix?

Long story, but I ended up dumping a 29:1 mix in my Garelli VIP (I thought the gas capacity was 1 gallon +, when in reality it's .66 gal). Would this cause bogging? It starts, and when I take the choke off, it'll do full throttle for 10-15 seconds, and then just craps out. The bike ran fine with the previous mix, and nothing at all has been changed otherwise.

Any ideas? Thanks in advance for any help, folks!


Re: VIP bogging -- bad gas/oil mix?

Adding some extra oil leans the fuel mix a little.. ( it's one way to easily and temporarily test the effects of a smaller main jet on performance) It leans it because less of the "fuel" in the fuel/air mix is actually fuel.

Using a bit more oil would not cause the symptoms you describe.. But, it could aggravate some other problem(s) the bike already has. (like if the fuel mix is already extremely lean) Any healthy engine can run 32/1 oil mix without problems.

Full throttle, in neutral.. for 15 seconds? Do you think that was closer to maybe 3 seconds?

Since you aren't sure about the tank capacity, it kinda sounds like you aren't really familiar with that bike yet. Don't be shy about making your story a little longer and including more possible clues.

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