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The master link on my starting chain keeps breaking. I'v gone through like 4 and even bought a new chain. It still broke off. Is there something bent that would cause this? There doesnt seem to be something out of place, but I may be looking in the wrong areas. Thanks for any help.

Re: Master Link

Are you puting it on correctly? if you put them on wrong they will keep popping

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I'm pretty sure, been going off of what I saw when I first got it. Been meaning to call a few places to see if they have a manual. The master link was just put on today, was riding for an hour or more and broke, good thing I can push start my ped. But i'll go have a look at it to make sure, thanks.

Re: Master Link

are they actually breaking????

or popping off??????????

you might have it installed backwards, as stated above, or maybe a worn sprocket, or bent tooth................

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The chain I had today was brand new, just put it on. I didn't know that you could have it on backwards. I never thought about checking the teeth, I know this little... But learning with the help i'm receiving from these forums. Really appreciate it.

Re: Master Link

The rounded end of the clip should travel in a counter clockwise motion

I broke two masterlinks because I installed them backwards

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