Profile of a new (Gloria Intramotor Minarelli V1)

Profile of a new Moped owner (and subsequent mechanic)…PLEASE READ!!!

Muchos Gracias!

1974 Gloria IntraMotor Blanco

2.2 HP Minarelli V1 Engine

1. History –

You can skip this and read important stuff, like 2.

My dad brought home a Moped that cost him $30! CAD! Wasn’t running, here’s what we did…

We cleaned the carb, checked fuel flow/spark. Would run only if we put gas in the carb and would die out once that was burned off. Finally, we added a gasket (cereal box) and tightened the bolts that hold the carb to the engine. It worked pretty well!

We drove it a while, oil began leaking out of all the bolts holding the crankcase, which we discovered were a mix and match of different lengths and sizes. I also discovered there was NO bolt in several of the holes, only some unidentified goo covering up a small twig that was jammed in.

2. Present Problems/Questions (in order of importance!)

Re: Profile of a new (Gloria Intramotor Minarelli

O.K.......definitely get the bolts that u need and repalce the "sticks" that your pops put in there. Next,...your chain should have about 3/4"-1" of total play at a point half way between the 2 for the "skipping" it sounds like it is slipping a tooth, which could be caused by under/over tightening of the chain. if something is bent, then keep checking ebay or something to get the parts u need......oh yeah,....the bolts should be able to be found at just about any hardware store.......and try to get a manual for your bike!'s the best tool in your shop.........hope this helps u....filley

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