'79 Honda Express problems

So I finally got my express running. It seems when it's been sitting, it takes a very long time for it to start up, and after like 20 tries, suddenly it fires and is ready to go. Any way to make it kick over faster?

Also, my headlight doesn't work. I was figuring it was my bulb - but my horn also doesnt work. So I'm wondering if its the wiring on the handle, or inside the light bucket. Any pointers on what to look for?



Re: '79 Honda Express problems

During the time it refuses to start, get off and remove the spark plug and see if it's tip is wet with fuel. If it is, theres a chance that while the bike sits around, a slight leak drips into the crankcase. This puddle of fuel is thrown up into the combustion chamber when you try to start it. That fouls the plug until the extra fuel is finally pushed out of the exhaust.

A weak spark can contribute to hard starting. Give the entire ignition system a tune up.. New spark plug, properly gapped (small gaps foul more easily), clean the points and check the gap, and check the ignition timing.

A weak/failed condenser causes a weak spark but when they go, the bike is not only hard to start but it runs like crap at all speeds..

Re: '79 Honda Express problems

Thanks a lot. The spark plug is dry as a bone when I pull it out. I'm going to go get a new spark plug today - I'm using the one that was in it when I bought it, though it doesn't seem to be the correct one.

It seems to run pretty good at all speeds ... it does the 'four stroking' thing a little, but I'm trying to figure out how to make it stop doing that.

Any ideas on the lights?



Re: '79 Honda Express problems

If it's dry, get a can of Starter Fluid when you buy the plug and spray a bit into the carb's intake. If it starts immediately the carb is not allowing fuel to enter the engine.. some little jet in some part of your carb's idle system is probably clogged.. maybe one of the air passages. Also check for a low float level. That makes it difficult to pull fuel up into the air stream.

Since it's also got symptoms of 4-stroking, my guess is you just have a dirty carb and maybe it's got other issues.. so fuel delivery is erratic.

Re: '79 Honda Express problems

Okay, so to double check - I spray carb cleaner into the large open hole where the airbox attaches to?

If the float is low, what can I do to bring it up?

Re: '79 Honda Express problems

i dint say carb cleaner.. I know a lot of people in these forums suggest carb cleaner but I used to spray Gum-Out into my car's carb while it was running.. It kills the engine unless you hit the throttle.. It's not even as volatile as gasoline.

Starter fluid is extremely flamable (pure ether) and is made for this..

The float has a little tab. If the tab is thin metal, it can be bent slightly. The tab on the floats hinge determines how far up the float will go before the float presses on the needle, shutting the fuel off. This tab determines the level of fuel in the bowl.

Some floats cannot be adjusted. They have plastic tabs. Those very rarely go out of adjustment and float level problems are probably caused by something else.. like a leaking float body that doesn't float anymore.

Re: '79 Honda Express problems

Here, this is just about all you will need to work on your Express, it has always had the answers for me ;)


and you might like this too


Re: '79 Honda Express problems

Okay so I replaced the plug and set the gap, and tinkered around a little, cleaned all the connectors and stuff. It's a first kick now!

Thanks for all your help!

Re: '79 Honda Express problems


Found it? very cool.. so nice to have a bike that starts and runs well.

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