does anybody have the wiring harness for a 1980 puch maxi?

Re: wiring

you want a harness and not a diagram right? I think I have one

Re: wiring

Bobby Smith /

im an idiot i meant the wiring diagram

Re: wiring

"Try here":http://mopedriders.com/article_cat.php?fldAuto=2&sid=6031d0b36b22250fc53508d45952ccd4

If you can't find it there let me know, I have them all in scans, but they are kinda hard to dig up.

Re: wiring

Ben Van Zoest /

Mopedjunkyard has a simple one or see Mopedriders Assoc.

You can find some in Euro too.

Re: wiring

John Joedicke /

Sent you a diagram, check your mail. J

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