Tomos A3 Transmission problems

I recently acquired a 1987 Tomos Bullet, I have replaced all of the wiring, the fuel line and filter, cleaned the carb and installed a new spark plug, but i cannot get it to start. Also, if I sit on it and crank the pedals forward, the bike does not move forward.

Any suggestions are appreciated as I am very new to working on mopeds



Re: Tomos A3 Transmission problems

There is a clip in the transmission that either allows you to pedal or kick start it. It might of came loose and fell in the transmission somewhere.

Re: Tomos A3 Transmission problems

David Sargent /

Where is the clip supposed to be attached?, Cause the motor turns over if I pedal backwards.

Re: Tomos A3 Transmission problems

If you open the transmission, behind the large gear on the left, there is a slot in the case, it goes there.

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