My Scooter's back wheel is locked, Please Help me!

Hi, my name is Michael and I came on this website because I don't know anything about scooters what so ever(im 16). Last Monday night my friend and I was riding around on my scooter just for fun. It was about 9:00 pm so, we decided to head back home but we had to stop because of the red light and when the light turnt green the scooter wouldn't move. The engine was still running and everything was stilling working but we couldn't move. One of my dads friends took at look at it and said something about the wheel was froze. Before I went riding I had someone tighten up my rear end brakes.

Can anyone tell me how to fix it? It was a brand new scooter, I only had it for about a week. It has oil in the gear oil replacement thing and it has engine oil. I have been looking at some old topics and someone said something about transmission oil. Where do I put the transmission oil at? Do I put the transmission oil in that black sqaure thing(it has two screws on the top of it and says"use only DOT3 or DOT4 brake fluid") on my handle bars beside the front brakes? Its an EuroElite Turbo Yamaha. I got it from this website: .

If anyone can help I would be so happy. Please help me!

Heres the manual that came with it:

Re: My Scooter's back wheel is locked, Please Help

call up the people you bought Your "SCOOTER" from

you may be covered under a Mfg warrantee since it's only a week old.

that should be covered, if you didn't abuse it. Also, try a different site called,,,

and no don't put trans fluid in the BRAKE Reservoir that's the little black box that says 3 dot,

read your manual where fluids go.

Re: My Scooter's back wheel is locked, Please Help

I just now got my scooter fixed. I just loosened the whole back brake. I then started the scooter up and gave it gas and the back wheel started moving. Thanks for the help.......

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