cateye turn signals dont work. WHY??????

how do you wire those old 6volt cateye turn signals to a 1980 puch maxi luxe

i bolted them on then i wired them

and soldered the one wire to the yellow light switch wire

but they dont work

i tested the battery and its a 6 volt but is only supplying 0.2volts

so whats wrong

oh and the ped was running when i tested the signals

Re: cateye turn signals dont work. WHY??????

you don't have a 6 volt battery.. you have a 0.2 volt battery.

Re: cateye turn signals dont work. WHY??????


good one

but really whats wrong

is the battery replaceable

Re: cateye turn signals dont work. WHY??????

i wasn't trying to be funny.

If you put a meter on a battery and it measures 0.2 volts, that battery is, for all intents and purposes, a 0.2 volt battery.

like if you break a yardstick off at 12 inches, it's not really a yardstick anymore.. it's a 12 inch ruler.

Re: cateye turn signals dont work. WHY??????

well the battery pack has "6volt cateye" printed on it.

so you're saying that the engine must charge the 6volt battery pack for a bit before it will work, right?

Re: cateye turn signals dont work. WHY??????

Yes.. one option is that the engine could recharge the battery.

However, the battery must be a rechargable type. And, according to the type of rechargable, the charging rate must be appropriate for that type of battery. Otherwise the battery would be damaged or possibly become a hazard.

If the battery is a 6 volt wet-cell lead-acid type or a gel-cell (gel cells are basically a lead-acid battery which uses a gelatin instead of liquid electrolyte) the magneto alone is more than likely capable of recharging it properly.

If the battery pack is ni-cad, nickel-metal hydride, rechargable lithium ion or similar, the charging circuit will need additional components to regulate and limit current to the battery pack.. These battery types have a specific recharging schedules that must be followed.

So, is this cateye device designed to be hooked into the bike's system and to be recharged by a magneto? If it is, it probably has a lead-acid battery and if it's wired correctly, why isn't it's battery recharging?

The battery, if it's a lead-acid type, could be sulfated and will no longer accept a charge.. Or the battery could have a broken internal connection..

The 0.2 volt meter reading off the battery pack makes me think it's the latter.. a broken internal cell connection. Discharged and dead batteries generally show a voltage of about 4 or 5 volts.. I'm guessing yours is either internally shorted or broken.

Re: cateye turn signals dont work. WHY??????

Edwin Johnson /

i would suggest that you get a 6 v battery and connect the turn signals just to it to see if they work alone .. before you hook up to the engine....also most peds that have a battery also have a diode someplace in the circuit between the magneto and the battery to turn the AC from the magneto into DC for the battery

here are some photos

well now my ped wont start again so i cant get it to recharge

and yes the signals are ment to be hooked up to and be recharged by the peds circuit

here are 2 photos on the signals with the cover off

attach. 1- closeup of battery and circuit

attach. 2- far shot


Re: here are some photos

this far shot shows the 1 small wire going to the light switch


Re: here are some photos

so if i go to radioshack,

what type of 6V rechargable battery pack should i get?

Re: here are some photos


"So, is this cateye device designed to be hooked into the bike’s system and to be recharged by a magneto?"YES "If it is, it probably has a lead-acid battery"

so joew, i need a 6 volt wet-cell lead-acid type battery.


Re: here are some photos

it looks like a nicad pack.. and that circuit board appears to have some regulating components on it so, with the magneto, can be recharged properly.

If it were me and i knew that battery pack was outputting only 0.2 volts, i'd cut off the plastic wrrapper and look at the connections. My gguess is i will see corroded cell connections and maybe a few cells that are leaking.

I dunno what you are able to do or what you know.. I won't advise YOU to do what i woudln't be afraid of doing. I have taken a lot of battery packs just like that one apart and sometimes salvaged a few cells.

Here's what you need.. A pack of nicads (?? make sure they are nicad) with the same number of cells (5) so you get 6 volts total (5 times 1.2 = 6 Nicads cells deliver 1.2 volts each.)

And get a pack with cells of the same physical size. I can't tell from here but they look like "C" cells.. Might be "D" cells. TAke it to radio shack or compare the cell size to batteries you have laying around or in a flashlight or something.

Re: here are some photos

they are a little smaller than C cells

ill open the pack tomarow

i guess its time for radioshack

what about these

what about 5 of those soldered together

i think i have to match the amps also

and i think its a 1.5amp battery pack

so will these batterys work?

Re: what about these

There is a size called "sub-C".. might be it.

$4 a pop is a lot.. $25 for the pack? I would do some searching.. Radio Shack has always been real expensive . Try a hardware or drugstore or look for sales in the newspaper.

Amp hours are determined by the battery size. In fact, double the size (volume) of a pack or of a single cell and you almost exactly double the amp hours available.

A certain amount of chemicals reacts for a certain amount of time and produces a certain amount of electrical energy..

Amp-hours (AH) are just a measure of capacity.. Just like a gas tank. Large tanks hold more gas .. but if you put a large tank on a bike, the bike doesn't use more gas.

Amp hours doesn't affect how many amps are atually delivered through the circuit an any particular time

Any 6 volt nicad battery pack will work.. small.. big.. doesnt matter. But to stay with the program and keep things neat and clean, try to find the same size. Large packs take longer to recharge, small packs might run out of energy too early, etc..

People build their own battery packs all the time.. Search Google for .. electric model airplane battery pack .. or similar and you will get lots of good info about that sort of battery pack.

Re: what about these

"small packs might run out of energy too early"

that does not matter because the engine will be recharging the battery as it is used

so those $5 batterys will work?

i know someone who works at radioshack so that $20 is good for me

Re: what about these

btw.. if you open the pack and they are nicads.. Cordless tools have used nicads for the last many years. (they are slowly changing over to NM hydride)

I'm looking at a battery pack from a cordless that i broke open a while ago.. the cells are sub-C.. Sometimes these packs are cheap.. sometimes more than $35 .. But they can be 7.2 or 12 or 18 or more volts and so may have a lot of cells in there.. The thickness of the main part of the battery pack is a good indicator of the length of the cells inside.

i'm not saying break open dad's spare battery pack from his drill.. just telling you something that may come in handy.

Re: what about these

if the cells are the same size and $20 to spare, go for it. They will fit right into the cateye box if you do a good job.

Also notice that the cells' contacts are actually welded together.. You know the safe way to solder on the end of a battery?

You really should do some searching and reading before you buy anything. Knowledge gained about batteries and packs will come in handy someday, even if you don't go in this build-your-own direction to repair the cateye.

Re: what about these

well i do have an old broken drill but the batterys dont last long

but once again that does not matter

so maby ill try that first

Re: what about these


2 out of the 5 batterys were exploded

time to replace them

if this photo works you should see the batterys w/o the plastic

joew, i thought i still had that old drill battery

but i don't

do you think you can give me 5 of your battery cells?

Re: what about these

DAMN, david, where did you get those blinkers!

i'm loking for some since a long time, and impossible to find them.

Any place to get them?



Re: what about these

paul got them for me

i just posted in the buy/sell form

Re: what about these

ok this photo is of the batterys

i managed to save 3 of them but i have not tried to charge them yet to see if they are really good


Re: what about these

and this photo is of my new connectors

i tested the signals with 4C batterys and the fronts work great but the back signals don't work at all

so im replacing all of the old beat up connectors with these now outdoor-type connectors


Re: what about these


i installed those new connectors and now one back signal works

but the left back one does not

the bulb is good

and i just cleaned just about everything in the "pod"

i even bent the side conducting pin out more


it still wont work

ill have to find my voltage detector and voltage meter

then ill work on it some more tomarow

but man the weather was weird today

i was working in the garage today between the 2 cars

and i swear, every time it stopped raining and i rolled the ped out of the garage, it started to rain again

this happened about 6 times

It was a pain in the A$$!!!

Re: cateye turn signals dont work. WHY??????

"Check out this thread from awhile back about the batteries":

Re: cateye turn signals dont work. WHY??????

interesting reading.. evidently the unit was a dealer installed option at one time.

this messages says the signals will operate without the battery pack.

Assuming it stops working if the pack is removed, i'd be wondering how to wire it to run it without batteries, . Some wires are probably just connected differently to do it..

If the battery pack's negative connection goes directly to ground, removing the battery pack and connecting the positive to ground may do it.. (this is like replacing the battery with just a wire)..

But i'd prefer not to guess about it. Someone must have an owner's manual or installation guide with the answers. Maybe Puch has info in their archives. Maybe the manufacturer's name or some info is stamped somewhere on the unit and they are still in business..

Re: cateye turn signals dont work. WHY??????

Cat Eye is the manufacturer, they are still in business, most of what they make now are head lights and cycle computers for bicycles

Re: cateye turn signals dont work. WHY??????

oh.. i did some searching and the work 'cateye' got so many hits for various types of lights and lenses and stuff that i thought cateye was just a generic word.

Re: cateye turn signals dont work. WHY??????

Here is a pic of the unit, notice the little kitty head, thats Cateye's logo. There may be places out there that use cateye as a generic term, but I never really looked too much for info, I just remembered that old thread and searched for it, the unit I have came in a lot box and isn't complete, I think someone in the buy/sell might be interested in it.

Here is a link to the Cateye company website


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