Motobecane Troubleshooting

I just have a few questions regarding top speed for a motobecane 50v...

what is the average top-speed that people get (that is to say before any modifications.) I've got one that's maxing out at 20, and stalling up hills. The clutch is busted because the previous owner didn't put a variator on it, so that's got to be fixed anyway. Would the clutch be causing the lack of speed or would that be a fuel flow problem as well?

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I also meant to add: is the assembly of the 40 engine the same as the 50?

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Keith Hannah /

For some Motobecane 50's 20mph is the top speed. Check the tag on the front of the frame.

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See Ya Moped Army /

The model 40 motor is the same as the model 50, but I don't think they came with variator clutches, only Dimoby clutches.

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hm.. maybe I don't have the right model number.

here's the actual moped in question.

See, i'm buying this moped and the woman selling it is telling me it needs a variator clutch on it and if i fix that it'll go past 20.

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hm, i just looked through the manual and yeah, you're right "mobymatic" variators are optional...

what exactly is the difference between the variator and the double-automatic clutch?

sorry about all the questions, by the way.

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I've been thinking, speed is my main concern in changing the clutch out to begin with, and that would only bring it up to 25, maybe?

wouldn't it make more sense to just throw in an airsal kit. That would bring it up to at least 30, and it would give the low end a boost too, wouldn't it?

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A stock moby with a variator, running real well can go over 35 mph. It seems like the 70cc kit is a severe pain, and not particularly well engineered, it would also probably make a huge difference in jetting, and air intake, maybe exhaust as well. I would not try it unless you REALLY know what you are doing

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