Help... 1980 Batavus HS

Help Please................

I just got a 1980 Batavus Regency HS.

it looks great..

when I bought it it started fine but would die when i put the back tire on the ground.

but alas now i have it home and I cant start it at all.

I changed The spark plug, put the same kind that was in it.

and that didnt help..

so if anyone has some pointers for me I would be so thankful..

Re: Help... 1980 Batavus HS

Read Fred's moped repair guide in resource section.

Re: Help... 1980 Batavus HS


Re: Help... 1980 Batavus HS

yes, but it sounds like the clutch is stuck. They need lubed sometimes if they've sat for a long time. Also a spring can break and leave the clutch engaged. don-ohio

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