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Rayn Kozikowski /

i just got my new flywheel for my puch. it is the exactly the same flywheel but im not getting any juice out of it. meaning no spark or any electrical current. everything is clean and in tact. does anyone know what to do?

Re: puch flywheel

where'd you get your flywheel?

Re: puch flywheel

See Ya Moped Army /

Adjust your points.

Re: puch flywheel

Gregory Mcintire /

You say you are getting no electrical current. Exactly where are you measuring for current? If you are measuring at the two ends of the winding of each of the four magneto coils and not getting any current from any of them, then all four coils are bad (seems very unlikely)or the wires going to those coils are open or shorted or there is no magnetism in your flywheel magnets (also seems very unlikely).

If you are checking for current at any point other than where the wires come out of the engine, or if you are leaving all of the bikes wiring attached to those wires while checking for current there, then it is a different story.

First find out where the problem really is. Is the magneto really not producing any current or is it producing current but that current is not getting to its destination and back (circuit)?

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