Honda Express - runs sometimes

So I've got this Express that's in pretty decent shape... I take it out of the garage, pull the choke, and it starts up and I can ride it around for a little while. Once I kill it, it won't start up again for the rest of the day.

What would be causing this? Overheating? Something with spark plug?

I've messed with it for the longest time and I just cant think of anything else. Any help would be greatly appreciated



Re: Honda Express - runs sometimes

Nick Hoisington /

Stop holding the choke on your gonna flud it.....

Re: Honda Express - runs sometimes

Well it seems that it refuses to run period without the choke pulled ... even when it's running, if I disable the choke it just kills.

Yesterday after it died I pulled off the carb, and checked the float to see if that had gotten stuck - it was fine .. but I drained everything out of the carb, and it still wouldn't start up after that.

Re: Honda Express - runs sometimes

Well my first inclination is that you aren't getting enough fuel (or you're getting too much air...). That's why it's running with the choke on. Maybe a complete carb rebuild or a new carb would do the trick. Try this: next time it won't start after you kill it, try spraying some starter fluid and/or carb cleaner in there. That will help you determine for sure that what you have is a fuel delivery problem.

Re: Honda Express - runs sometimes

Leon Swarmer /

The too much air thing could come from a bad intake manifold gasket, or cylinder gasket. when you get it running you might try opening up a propane torch (unlit) and letting the fuel out at places that could suck air in... an increase in rpm says you have a leak.

Re: Honda Express - runs sometimes

Ben Van Zoest /

Is that ever a clever idea over50 you deserve a NOBEL price!

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