Rear wheel tightens when riding Tomos Targa LX

I have a 1999 Tomos Targa LX. I moved the rear wheel back a little on the frame and now the wheel nuts on the inside of the frame tighten when I ride, bringing the tire to a dead halt. I losen them up but they tighten up again the next time I ride. Does anyone know how I can fist this problem? Thanks!

Re: Rear wheel tightens when riding Tomos Targa LX

i dunno about your particular bike, but generally, if you re talking about the nuts that adjust the bearings, those nuts are usually kept in adjustment by jamming another nut against them.

You would adjust the bearing nut so the bearings have the right amount of play, and hold that nut with a wrench. Then, with another wrench, tighten another nut against the bearing nut.

Is there more than one nut, right next to eachother, on each side of that axle bearing?

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