Tire rotation

Matthew Westberg /

Okay, as is the case with all mopeds the rear tire is subject to much greater wear, blah blah blah... so I'm going to rotate my tires.

Now, I've read the manual (it's a 79 Motobecane Moby) and I figure I should be fine. BUT, I figured I'd post up asking in case there's some reason this will not work/is higly inadvisable. Just in case.

So is there anything I should watch out for/be careful not to do if I rotate my tires?

Just wondering, thanks.

Re: Tire rotation

I think you should buy new tires

Re: Tire rotation

Bruce Wilkinson /

Just buy a new tire for the back,

Re: Tire rotation

Jason Luther /

yeah, have a blow out on front and crash, and youll be wishing you spent $20-jason

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