clogged muffler / stall problem

last week i posted an issue about how to clean

a muffler as my Garelli ran and idled fine without

in on, but stalled out as the muffler was put back on.

so the conclusion was that it was clogged. i scraped it out,

used engine degreaser, and soaked it filled with 2 types

of drano. tons of crap came out and it was definately in

better shape. but when we put it back on, it still stalled.

Ryan got a Garelli in his shop with the exact muffler, so we

tried it on that bike and it ran just fine.

SO. what else could it be? there aren't any leaks anywhere else

on the engine and pipe. why would it run fine but then

stall with the muffler back on? what do you check next?

pull the head off and clean out carbon there? stumped.

any advice appreciated!

Re: clogged muffler / stall problem

Matthew Westberg /

It could be that the exhaust port on the cylinder itself is clogged in such a way that putting the muffler on restricts what little allowance there is left.

That's only a guess, but you could have a look I suppose.

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