Puch stall out

I am so frustrated with this moped...It ran when I bought it but as soon as I went to ride it for the second time it ran about 3 blocks then died and wouldn't start. After that it would start and only run for 30 sec then the engine revs very fast and dies. I cleaned the carb, changed the spark plug, cleaned the muffler (not with heat though), adjusted the idle speed. Then I took it to the motorcycle shop in my neighborhood, where they made fun of me for having a moped, kept my bike for 1 1/2 months, and still didn't fix the problem... They said they put in a new jet, and they put on a new fuel line (with filter). It got me half way home from the shop then died and i got to push it up these huge hills in my neighborhood...I have the manual but I'm not much of a mechanic. I want to learn but I just wish it would run so I could enjoy it a little. At the shop they said "maybe it's time for a new scooter". It still starts and then dies. I wonder if the guy I bought it from knew about the problem and wanted to unload the bike quickly. Any help is appreciated, or if anyone knows a good moped mechanic in Los Angeles.

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Also, should I just start over and put all new performance parts on the Puch, there are a lot of hills where I live and I would like to be able to get around with a little speed. How much does it cost to completely performance tune a moped?

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Ben Van Zoest /

Mechanics in Los Angelos are you kidding you already found out did you! Your best bet is to learn, see Fred's repair advice on this website. Get a shop manual. GOOGLE for info there is lot's out there. Fix what you got first. If legal in you area or you can get away with it, upgrade. puchshop.nl sells proven kits for 2/3 cost. How many miles on odo, how heavy

are the riders you did not say. Way back Puch factory test rider were 65 kilo on a near flat test track.

The machines were designed for medium weight humans to go 25 mph. Do you have a 1.5 or 2 HP engine. Important facts to consider. Like Fred or Puch factory said you need air and fuel delivery at 50:1 + ignition 3 things. IF all are OK you have another major problem.

Don't be discouraged take it step by step...

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Gregory Mcintire /


Your problem sounds very much like a fuel starvation problem, likely due to the fuel petcock screen being plugged and/or the tiny screen which is inside the fuel line fitting on the carburetor. Adding an external filter is a good thing to do, but the two existing filter have to be clean.

If you remove the fuel line from the petcock and gas flows freely then that screen is clean enough.

The only logical way to check the screen in the carb fuel line fitting is to remove that fitting from the carb and take out the screen and isnpect it. I would even recommend leaving that screen out completely. Just use a good filter in the fuel line.

As for the muffler, don't clean it with heat. Take the baffle tubes out of it and scrape the carbon out of the holes in the tubes. You will never get it cleaned well at all using heat. You will only destroy its chrome finish.

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Thanks!! There are 11551 miles on odometer, riders are 115lbs and 135 lbs. Not sure about the HP of the engine, how do I find out? I have the manual but I'm just not sure where to start, if I buy performance upgrades what do I need to do before installing? I'm going to try checking the points and timing per Fred's guide. Should I just get a new engine and carb and just start over? Is there a way to translate puchshop.nl? Again thanks for your help.

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Thanks, I just checked the petcock filter and it flows fine and looks new. The carb filter is harder to check and in an awkward place so I will have to take the carb off the ped to check this.

I think you are right that it is a fuel problem.

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Jason Luther /

most definatly sounds like a fuel delivery problem. take the carb off and take it all apart and clean it well. pay attention and its a breeze to put back together.-jason

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Hello Leslie have you tried www.myronsmoped.com yet Shaun can surely help you. before you start adding upgrades on your ped make sure that it runs properly. thanks Ray

Re: Puch stall out

my 1980 puch did the same thing. it ran ok for a few rides then it decided not to start. i stuck on a 2004 tomos carb instead of a puch carb due to lack of funds and kept the same #53 jet inside. runs fine.

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