spree dont start

hey, Im new here, but that I need help. I have a 85 spree that I got, it never ran while i've owned it. Ive worked on it for about 2 months now and it still doesnt run. here is my current situation. carborater has been cleaned, compression comes in at about 90 (cold, cant warm engine up obviously) and spark plug is dry, it has never even touched gasoline.(the smell) the reeds are all good, but they did have some gunk on them but they have been cleaned. now, i cant try and start it again until Monday because i need gaskets for the intake manifold thingy because i took it off. (motorcycle shop closed on weekends)so, why isn't this bike running. thanks


Re: spree dont start

getting a spark?

Spray some Starter Fluid into the intake and see if it runs for a moment. If not it could be an electrical problem.

If it does run then that carb is not delivering fuel.

Re: spree dont start

btw.. for a temporary fix for the purposes of testing, you can just glue the various intake parts together with some kinda gasket maker..

Permatex 2, non-hardening gasket sealer, doesn't need time to dry (never actually hardens.. parts can be assembled in a couple minutes) and can be wiped off later when you replace the gaskets.

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yes, i have spark. The reeds had gas on them (both sides)

isnt starter fluid bad for engine? thats what i heard

its also no big deal, I can wait until monday

Re: spree dont start

the reeds were wet with gas and the plug was dry.. thats weird.

How did you determine that you had spark?

Starter Fluid is just ether.

Ether is a solvent for lots of things but a short squirt into a cold engine is ok.. Thats what they sell it for. It has other automotive uses like detecting vacuum leaks since it makes the engine rev higher if it gets sucked in.

As far as running an engine on ether continuously, i imgine it could cause problems.. but then again, they have run engines on just about every flamable substance known to man when the proper modifications are made.

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I know i have spark because I took out the plug (still on the coil) and grounded it out and turned the engine over. w00t spark plug has a nice blue spark

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you got spark. you got compression. you got fuel..

That engine is batting a thousand according to what we know..

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a spree dont have reeds so maybe you need to check up on some stuff.

Re: spree dont start

yah, they do, I've never seen a 2 stroke that _doesnt_ have reeds. right after the intake pipe. REEDs . very useful for stopping backflow into carburetor. maybe you should check up on some stuff before sounding like a jerk

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right after the intake is a thing called a carburator, i have a spree,,, havent looked at it for awhile its broke down,,, bt no reeds on this ppooper,,, all there is,,, head, piston rod crank gaskets gears case intake carb and airfilter, this engine is small,, it dont need reeds,,, someone else correct me if im wrong, but im 99.5% sure you have the term reeds mixed up with something...... take a look at a weedwhacker,,,,check that for reeds .make that 99.9

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Yes it have reeds- I've owned many Sprees.

BTW- most mopeds don't have reeds- only few mopeds from 70's have reeds- Batavus, Peugeot.

Puch don't.

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Your compression is on low side, that may be your problem.

Maybe you not getting fuel, make sure hoses on carb are in correct order- one is a fuel hose and one is for vacuum.

Make sure they are not reversed (I've seen that)

To check if fuel is getting to carb- unscrew the screw on the bottom of carb, fuel should leak.

Sprees are tricky to troubleshoot, no traditional petcock, CDI dosn't help in troubleshooting process.

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my carb is getting fuel (I did loosen the screw) what do you mean revise? but even if compresson is low, shouldnt fuel still get into cylender? thanks


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If you don't have good compression there is no suction to get fuel into the engine, and spark stays dry.

Is your spark dry?

Put some fuel straight into spark plug hole and try.

Spree is using by-starter thing to help you start, it is attached to carb, if this malfunction that maybe your problem.

Unscrew it and lift this thing a little and try it to kick.

It will run without it if you disconnect it.

Open throttle 1/3 of the turn and kick.

Make sure reeds screws are tight.

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When the piston goes _up_ suction is provided.. (a vacuum in the crankcase). Compression has to do with piston going down, not up.

Even if the rings were missing a piston going up would still suck in some fuel..

Re: spree dont start

How Two-stroke Engines Work

by Marshall Brain

The Compression Stroke

Now the momentum in the crankshaft starts driving the piston back toward the spark plug for the compression stroke. As the air/fuel mixture in the piston is compressed, a vacuum is created in the crankcase. This vacuum opens the reed valve and sucks air/fuel/oil in from the carburetor.

Once the piston makes it to the end of the compression stroke, the spark plug fires again to repeat the cycle. It's called a two-stoke engine because there is a compression stroke and then a combustion stroke. In a four-stroke engine, there are separate intake, compression, combustion and exhaust strokes.

You can see that the piston is really doing three different things in a two-stroke engine:

On one side of the piston is the combustion chamber, where the piston is compressing the air/fuel mixture and capturing the energy released by the ignition of the fuel.

On the other side of the piston is the crankcase, where the piston is creating a vacuum to suck in air/fuel from the carburetor through the reed valve and then pressurizing the crankcase so that air/fuel is forced into the combustion chamber.

Meanwhile, the sides of the piston are acting like valves, covering and uncovering the intake and exhaust ports drilled into the side of the cylinder wall.

It's really pretty neat to see the piston doing so many different things! That's what makes two-stroke engines so simple and lightweight.

Re: spree dont start

Why not make it even simpler..

Remove the head.. Crank the engine over by some artificial means.. use the pedals?

Compression test: hmm.. Compression = zero PSI.

However, a vacuum was created in the crankcase and fuel was sucked into the crankcase and was forced through the transfer ports and, in this experiment, spewed into the open air.

compression in the combustion chamber, which is the type of compression we are discussing, has nothing to do with creating a vacuum in the crankcase..

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