calling all nc50 experts/owners


the indicators on my honda nc50 express have stopped working - they're coming on but not flashing

haven't got a manual and not too good with electrics/electronics - any suggestions?


Re: calling all nc50 experts/owners

that sounds like everything is OK but the flasher relay is burned out.. The flasher is a little metal can somewhere in the circuit, similar in size and shape to the turn signal flasher relay on a car.

Re: calling all nc50 experts/owners

Jonas Quimby /

When this happens, it usually means one of your flasher bulbs has burnt out. The flasher works on resistance of the bulbs to flash.

First check all your bulbs to make sure they work. If that's not the case then you may need to replace the flasher under the seat.

Many places can probably give you something that's compatable. Just make sure you get one made for 6 volts.

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