General Moped Repair

Sina Adibi /

My sons found a Moped in the woods - abandned! It looks repairable. I rebuilt a Honda motorcycle many years ago and am ok with engine repair.

I need a reference on the net to find a handbook or parts for this moped.

All I can tell is that it is a general. Doesn't look too old. Maybe early 90's - but I don't know.

Any help is appreciated.

Please e-mail directly if you can.



Re: General Moped Repair

Look at the photos on this site -- see if you can match it up with a model and manufacturer.

And in articles, check out Fred's guide -- see if the engine is loose, carb is clean, compression is good and spark is hot. See if she'll fire.


Re: General Moped Repair

Matthew Carr /

I wish could just find mopeds in the woods

Re: General Moped Repair

finding one in the woods would concern me a little.. i might pass it by..

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