tomos wont idle

Michael Wagner /

My tomos has 50 miles on it. It was running great when I went on vacatoin for two weeks came back woudnt start. Could star t when use choke and get off choke quik and take off runs good but when you stop so does the engine. You have to use choke again to start even though its hot.

Re: tomos wont idle

Michael Wagner /

My tomos moped is running great now. Called myrons mopeds in anahiem calif. Shawn the owner talked me through carb removal and unclogging the idle jet wich got gummed up from sitting to long. Its great to still have people around that will still take time to help you. Keep in mind this guys got a bussiness to run and he still took the time. He told me if your not going to run it for awhile always shut off gas and run the engine until it stops keeping gas from sitting in carb to long.

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