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Ben Prater /
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I'm running a #56 jet at the moment. Going to try a #58 shortly.

The sound has become more obvious over the last couple days. It is definately a fast pinging sound from idle at no load to strong throttle. There is no lack of performance, I'm doing 47mph on flats.

I tore down the entire top-end yesterday to check everything and put in a new cylinder gasket. The new gasket is thinner, but the sound was evident with the stock gasket, which I didn't replace initially.

I carefully checked the cylinder, head, piston, wrist pin, clips and upper rod bearing and everything appears to be okay. Both the intake and exhaust are tightened down properly.

I've tried different plugs and am getting the same sound. I'm running high octane fuel.

I don't think the LX has points (correct me if I'm mistaken) -- and I don't think it would ping at idle, especially a cold idle where nothing in the cylinder would have time to heat up and start a pinging condition.

I'm curious about head clearance, although I'd be the first one with this problem, I think. Joe -- I'm not clear on how your clearance technique works, can you explain again?

What kind of lateral movement should the connecting rod have? I can wiggle it a couple of millimeters side-to-side when the top end is off. Is this normal?

Does anyone know what sound you get when the main or connecting rod bearings start to screw up? Keep in mind, before I put this kit on, I screwed up my cylinder/piston with a no oil job. Maybe some garbage slid down into some bearings.

Thanks for the input thus far -- I hope we can help someone else when we figure this out.


This single post is part of a larger thread. Start from the top or view this post in context.

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