technigas exhaust

Steve Douglas /

Hey guys, I just installed a technigas exhaust on my kymco. I don't really know feel much difference. Isn't it suppose to make it faster? reply.

Re: technigas exhaust

Caveat Emptor!

Re: technigas exhaust

Chris Parker /

Did you upjet? I put a tecnigas next on my Tomos A3, and upjetted from a #51 to a #54. It added 5-10 mph to the top end (I'm not sure exactly with the tomos speedo being so unreliable), but it definitely was an improvement. So, if you haven't, try changing the jet.

Re: technigas exhaust

i think a kymco is a scooter......prtobley a four stroke, so it wont have such affects as a 2 stroke tomos

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