Speedo Bulb....

I need a tiny 6volt .6 watt light bulb with a slide bayonet type base for a speedo light...Anyone know of a source for these? Application is a Vespa. It would be nice to see the needle move at night..thanks..

Re: Speedo Bulb....

I was at Radio Shack looking for larger bulbs for my stop lamp but all they had was tiny 6 and 12 volt stuff... all sorts of base types including mini bayonet.

Slide bayonet? A bayonet is pushed in and turned..

lets see.. 6V and .6 watt.

.6 watts = current X 6V

current = 0.1 amps (100 milliamps)

iitem # 272-1115 is close (6.3 V , 150 ma) and its a stock item.

Re: Speedo Bulb....

Frank Garland /

GReat idea...but, it didn't work...the base of the bulb is slightly too large...Still looking...Thanks...

Re: Speedo Bulb....

I need a Tomos Spring speedo light bulb.

12V 10watt - where to find these?

also, is that the correct size? The manual says so.


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