Headlight Bulb fell into speedometer

Hello everyone and thanks for all your help so far.

Now I have another problem. I was trying to get my speedometer light to work and when I took it out and then put it back in the speedometer it popped out. Now I have no speedo light and it rattles like crazy when I ride.

How do I get the light bulb out of the hole?

Any creative suggestions would be appreciated.

Would a magnetized wire attach to the bulb? Gum? Tape?

Damn, I should have let the dealer deal with it.

Re: Headlight Bulb fell into speedometer

arthur /

Could I buy a new speedometer and put in in?

Where do I find a new Tomos speedometer?

How much?


Re: Headlight Bulb fell into speedometer

Find an 8 year old kid and tell him/her you will give him $5 if he can shake the little lightbulb out of the little hole.. then forget about it for a couple hours.

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