puch carb not flowing

Yesterday, I cleaned out the carb with carb cleaner and blew it out thoroughly with compressed air.

Unfortunately, fuel isn't flowing from my tank into the carb. I've got a clear tube running from the petcock to the carb, and I can see its not flowing freely into the carb. The petcock is fine, the problem lies within the carb.

It worked before I cleaned it. Did i put it together wrong?

Re: puch carb not flowing

On the carb

inside the gas inlet nipple there is a small screen, see if that's clogged.

Re: puch carb not flowing

"The petcock is fine"

how do you know?? it's very easy for the petcock to get clogged up with rust/dirt particles.

remove the fuel line from the bottom of the petcock, and turn it to the on postion to see if fuel is flowing out.........

Re: puch carb not flowing

Joel Horowitz /

thats exactly what i did. fuel flows freely.

I'll have to check the screen 'ragstrecher' mentioned. In cleaning everything though, I may have assembled it wrong. I don't know how thats possible, but I'll check.

Also, any of you know where I can find a bosch flywheel? One of the steel plates inside of mine came loose, and after gluing it down with expoxy, it wasn't flush enough against the side - rubbing against the coils and stuff.

So it seems I need a new flywheel.


Re: puch carb not flowing

O, when you were cleaning it,you took it completely apart?

the the nibble inlet bolt too? if so,then you would have seen a brass screen in the hollow bolt,if you don't have one then someone removed it.(you should have one)

on the carb,where the hollow bolt goes in, there is another fuel hole that runs into the bowl,it's where the float pin is, check that too. from the float side, also, check float that it moves freely.

Re: puch carb not flowing

Ben Van Zoest /

What happens if you pump the primer button?

Re: puch carb not flowing

Joel Horowitz /

it runs, but only for a few seconds at a time. and i cleaned the carb thoroughly. however, a decent spark may prove to be the problem as i had to remove one of the plates attached to the magnetic core of the flywheel as it was rubbing against the stator plate coils.

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