Motobecane tools. What is really needed?

In the motobecane repair manual there is a list of "special service tools" that goes on for pages. Which of these are essential?

-I feel like I need the clutch puller for sure

-Are the timming tool, and light needed for moby's?

-Do I really need the fork wrench/fork pivot wrench to change forks?

-Has anyone changed out Engine mounts without the puller tool?

-Do other more regular tools work well as replacements for some of these tools?

Re: Motobecane tools. What is really needed?

You don't really need the timing tool; you can do it through other means such as the ones listed in Fred's Guide

You will need the fork pivot to change the forks, but how often do you really need to do that?

I'm not sure about the rest, but for the most part you can get by with other more generic tools instead of the official Motobecane issued ones. For example I removed my timing came using a regular puller, not the standard issue Motobecane one.

Basically it's nice to have, but don't spend big bucks on Motobecane specific tools if you can find a work-a-round.


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