1977 express

I am new to this site and mopeding. I need to know where i can purchase parts for my 1977 express and what is also a good price on a tune-up. I have not riden the moped in a year but it was running until i got a flat tire. I need to also replace the carb cover. please help me get my little yellow bitch back on the road.

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Jonas Quimby /

Some parts for the Express can still be purchased from motorcycle shops. I have been able to get most of what I need from Everett Powersports (formally Everett Honda Shop) in Everett Washington.

If you arnt near any place like that you might ask around here.

As for giving it a tuneup, I have had many people come to me saying they took their Express in for a tuneup and it still doesnt run. Turns out the places did little more then clean the bowl of the carb out and charge them a fortune.

If you think you have the know-how to do it yourself, my Express guide can probably tell you what you need.


The guide was ment for bikes that have sat a year or more.

Re: 1977 express

I need the the air cleaner parts for the outside of the carburetor.

Re: 1977 express

Jonas Quimby /

Unfortunatly I dont have any spares. You may poke around on ebay and the likes though.

A word of warning; Running without an air filter is a VERY bad idea. You can easily damage your engine simply with the dirt in the air or from sand/rocks getting kicked up. I ran my Express for a few months with no filter in the air box and managed to ruin my piston and cylender. Never did that again...

Re: 1977 express

If you are still looking for some parts, let me know I think I have some extras available.

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