motobecane rotor nut vs. my fragile mind

OK I can not get this thing off. Yes I know it is a reverse thread.

This is what I tried so far.

-I took the spark plug out, and inserted a nylon rope to stop the piston.

-I put the bike on its side, and stood on the rotor, and the ratchet

-My roomate placed a pipe through the ratchet, and used all his strength to try to unscrew it (in the direction the wheels roll)

- it will not turn, and the square hole is starting to strip (slightly)

Is the square drive wrench only available with the super expensive motobecane tool set? What can I do? I need to install a new condensor

Re: motobecane rotor nut vs. my fragile mind

Keith Hannah /

If you can find an allen wrench large enough, buy it and grind it down to fit. As tight as yours seems to be stuck, you definitely need something that fits perfectly and 3/8" is just a little too small.

Re: motobecane rotor nut vs. my fragile mind

See Ya Moped Army /

It'll break. Try pushing down on the pipe with your foot while having a second person ensuring that the ratchet doesn't slip out of the square hole (so it won't strip the nut). Your legs are a lot stronger than your arms. I have yet to find one that I couldn't break free.

Re: motobecane rotor nut vs. my fragile mind

Matthew Westberg /

Have you tried using any industrial-grade looseners... i.e. something stronger then WD-40?

Re: motobecane rotor nut vs. my fragile mind

Edwin Johnson /

turn it clockwise as if you were tightening a normal bolt..

wheel rotation (forward)is counter clockwise..

Re: motobecane rotor nut vs. my fragile mind

Edwin Johnson /

sorry from the right side clock wise is normal rotation ...

When I took mine apart I had to heat the nut after I got it off found remanents of red locktight..heat helps break the bond


Kris is a genius. He decended from the heavens in an old VW convertable. He banged on them for awhile with a hammer, the he banged with an impact wrench, then moved on to a ratchet with a pipe, then he pulled out a dremell with a cutting blade, the he banged some more. PRESTO My points tasted fresh air for the first time in 26 years.

Thank you all for the good advice-


What did he cut?

Re: Success!

He made a slice in the rotor cap from the center to the edge at an angle, then he put a flat head screwdriver in the slice and banged with a hammer. I guess the torque from a different point made the difference, Kris is a professional bolt remover at a metal shop. I would have hesitated about this technique had I not had a spare rotor nut cap. I could still use the same one if I had to. it would just be a little dangerous with that sliced edge spinning around my ankle

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