**2005** Tomos Tomos Oil Leak

The oil is leaking out of the oil pump. It doesnt leak that much but i ride it alot so it leaks alot of oil. Anyone have any ideas?



Re: **2005** Tomos Tomos Oil Leak

its a 2005 tomos tomos?. dude that should still be under warranty.....go use ur warranty man...

Re: **2005** Tomos Tomos Oil Leak

Matt Permahos /

I am also noticing alot of oil stuck to the bottom of my engine but I thought it might be coming from the exhaust port. Do you think it is from the exhaust or is the oil pump leaking.

Re: **2005** Tomos Tomos Oil Leak

maybe the pin that holds on the lines is a little loose and the hose is loose and leaking a tad take of the cover on the sidee

and check possbiltyy.

Re: **2005** Tomos Tomos Oil Leak

Taylor Versluis /

The leak I think is coming from a little hole under the two pumps

Re: **2005** Tomos Tomos Oil Leak

go see the warranty man :)


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