Puch Newport decides not to start

Andrew Corcoran /

I bought a 77 Puch Newport today, and it was running great. I rode it to work, turned it off and worked for the day. I come out, and it wouldn't start up(nice 5 mile pedal ride home). So I use Fred's Moped Repair, and find out the spark plug is not sparking, so I replace the spark plug, along with add more gasoline, and the spark plug still refuses to spark. I don't know how it just stops working randomly. If anyone has any ideas, by all means let me know. Thanks a bunch.

Re: Puch Newport decides not to start

James Foster /

Did you check and clean the points? If not, you need to check them for any dirt or burnt spots because even a little dirt and wear can affect the spark plug. I have a 78 puch free spirit, and I had a similar problem. What I found out was the points were pitted and looked pretty old, so I had to replace it with a new one. If you need to replace it, here's what you do:

First you need to pull off the flywheel after you untighten the main nut.(use a 3 jaw puller, available at most auto part stores)

Next, disconnect all of the wires leading to the strator plate.(make sure you remember where each wire goes)

Once the wires are loose, take off the two strator screws and carefully remove the plate from the engine, taking care not to pull the wires from the plate itself.

Then, remove the old points by taking off the one screw that holds it on.

Remove the black wire and the blue wire from the point breaker.

http://www.sportsbay.com/puchpoints.html has the replacement point you need.(make sure you get the right one)

After all this, replace everything in reverse order from what I just said, but be sure you do everything correctly. If you need any more help, I will help to the best of my ability. :)

Hope this helps,


Re: Puch Newport decides not to start

something happened while it was parked for the day..

my guess is you might have a minor fuel leak. This leak may be internal and you can't see it.. Given enough time, fuel drips from the carb and down into the crankcase. A crankcase with lots of liquid fuel in it will foul a sparkplug immediately. Cleaning the plug doesn't help.

Crank the engine and pull the plug and see if it's dripping wet with fuel. If so, you might want to leave the plug out and pedal-crank the engine for a few minutes to get rid of any liquid fuel in the crankcase.

Explain what you mean by " I don’t know how it just stops working randomly."

Do you mean the bike sometimes runs and sometimes doesn't? Does this problem happen after the bike sits for hours?

If you managed to get the bike running and the same symptoms have repeated themselves, the slow fuel leak may be the problem.

Re: Puch Newport decides not to start

Ben Van Zoest /

kill switch off? How many miles on odo?

Re: Puch Newport decides not to start

Sometimes the spark can be hard to see. Are you sure you are getting a good engine ground when you check the spark. A clogged gas filter or muffler will cause the moped not to start or stall too.

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