Hello All,

I have a question or problem with my moped I was hoping someone may have some insight on. I believe the problem is the freewheel needs to be replaced but before I go tracking down the parts and order I want to get input from you all to make sure I get everything I need. Also if any of you happen to have the parts I need that would be great.

The problem is when you pedal, the freewheel spins but does not crank the wheel. It just spins freewheel like it does when you back pedal. Essentially the freewheel does not appear to be catching to crank the wheel, thus cranking the motor over. So unless I have a big and steep hill I can’t run the moped, god for bid I get stuck at a flap spot I am screwed. Thanks all.


Re: Freewheel

Leon Swarmer /

AJ can you tell us more.

I don't know your ped from the pic. What is it? is it chain or belt drive to the back wheel?

Does the chain/belt move?

Can you see where the gear/pulley fits on the shaft?

does the shaft move or just the gear/pulley?

Yea, I know no answers just questions, but they may be helpful.


Re: Freewheel

i belive i have a similar problem but i dont if it is the same everything was normal till just a couple a days ago i was riding and then when i gave it gas it would just like over ride like it was spinning but wouldnt have any power or nothing was catching (kinda like u) but see i can start it i just cant move? so if u can help please post

Re: Freewheel

can anyone help

Re: Freewheel

im sure someone can help.. but i gotta ask you the same questions 50plus asked AJ..

These little bikes come in many flavors. Sometimes you gotta hold a lever and push a button and pedal backwards before you can start an engine.. Sometimes you just pedal.

So go read those questions and then provide all the information you can, including anything else that might help someone diagnose the problem.. like how things are normally, what happened that may have caused things to change, etc.

and i don't mean to be offensive, but use some punctuation. You are not talking to people.. you are writing. Communication by the written word is already difficult enough even when good spelling, grammar and punctuation is used by both parties.

People do not have the added benefit of watching you and your gestures and so can interpret your words and see the pauses in your conversation. When "talking" here about technical stuff, it's even more important to be as precise and as clear as possible.

Eveyone who hangs in here wants to help (and many actually can help :-) Do what you can to help them help you.

Re: Freewheel answered elsewhere

Leon Swarmer /

Actually Donp answered this on the main forum,, it apears to have a real freewheel like the rear sprockets on a 10 speed bicycle.

News to me.

Re: Freewheel

Ben Van Zoest /

Most likely the restore spring on the rachet pawl is broken, what kinda ped/engine?

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