Puch Ignition Problem!!!!!!


I've been working on this Puch for a year.

Here's what i've got - and this is pretty wild.

A: Magneto works because when I crank the engine, my headlamp lights up, right?

B: I dont get spark on my spark plug

C: Unless! The disconnected wire that goes up to my engine on/off sparks. What i mean by "sparks", and I swear this is the case: when the black wire that goes to my engine on/off switch is not connected to metal, but is close enough that a spark jumps from the wire to the metal.





Re: Puch Ignition Problem!!!!!!

maybe its the ignition coil? Is the coil replacable with a generic product? I live in Northern ON, hard to order moped parts....



Re: Puch Ignition Problem!!!!!!

James Foster /

It sounds like you either have a ground problem, or some wires are loose. There are two wires that go up to the kill switch: a black and a brown one. When the two wires touch, they close a circuit, killing the engine. When they're apart, the engine should run, but if not the ground may not work.

Try looking and tightening all wires, especially the brown wires.

Hope this helps,


Re: Puch Ignition Problem!!!!!!

James, that does help.

Thank you. I'll test it out, probably tonight.

Re: Puch Ignition Problem!!!!!!

Ben Van Zoest /

I looked at the schematics, there are several coils that generate AC, IF you breaker points capacitor is shorted you won't have spark OR if the ignition coil separate from the lighting voltage coil is OPEN no ignition. Do you have a shop manual? I plan to have a complete 130 page detailed PUCH book 1 & 2 speed reproduced at the printers. I saw them this morning. It will be spiral bound w/ semi plastic covers. With postage it would retail 40$ ea. BUT that is for a 10 book run...

AND I won't make any money on it just want to help!

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