clutch/pully question

Colin Summers /

hey all

i have a 2003 tfr and my clutch went out recently and i had to purchase a new one i thought i had the usa model but i guess i was wrong any ways the new clutch was larger in diameter than the old one and a bit heavier but i put it ot on anyway and it works all right but i lost some low end power and was wondering if this was because the front pulley is (that the clutch is connected to) closer to the size of the rear pulley if this is what is causing the lack of lower end power could i just replace the rear pulley with a larger one to compensate?

clutch/pully question

Yes, that's right. You can buy different sized pulleys for the TFR to get more low end and less high, or vice versa. I think Cosmo sells them, and any pulley that will work on the Vespa Ciao will work on the TFR, to my knowledge.

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