70-ccAirsal kit problem

I received the Airsal kit 70-cc.

It does have the very tough coating on the cylinder walls for wear.

I put the rings on the piston

And yes I saw the ring end pins in the groove so the rings are in the right way.

The problem is when I oiled up the cylinder and inserted the piston the rings hang up on the sharp edge of the 2 bigger ports.

I figured no problem because I always bevel my ports and polish them up and remove any rough areas.

I finished up the job and still have the same problem.

This will take it's own set after a few minutes of running but it's not right. There is a problem and I am at a loss.

I just built up an engine for a bike and worked the ports and the piston slides up and down super smooth.

Any engine builders out there care to take a stab at this?


Re: 70-ccAirsal kit problem

James Foster /

That's strange because I put that exact kit in my puch, and didn't have any problems(until I found out I put the piston in upside-down lol). Are you sure you inserted the piston while pushing on the rings but not twisting them? The first time I put the piston in, I had problems getting it in, but after the first time it gets easier. You might have bad rings or something, but I hope this helps anyway. :)


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